Do you need an independent Home Security Assessment
Do you need a professional, independent, security assessment of your home? After many years counselling victims of home invasions I have come to know what it is that makes a home attractive and vulnerable to criminals.
I will look at your home from a criminals perspective and provide you with a confidential report detailing what you should do, not only to secure your home against criminals, but also to make it unattractive to them.
Visible lines of defence and your behaviour when at home, or when entering or leaving your property, are crucial in putting off criminals from selecting your home. These aspects of home security will be covered extensively in your confidential report. The cost of the assessment is R1,850.00 within the greater Johannesburg area. A price quote will be done for other areas.
Contact me directly by email with your inquiry.
Do you feel concerned about criminals breaking in to your home and stealing your things? These days criminals are more likely to wait until you are at home before breaking in. We call it a “home invasion”.
Let me share some valuable knowledge with you. As a stress and trauma consultant I have helped many families overcome the emotional trauma of home invasions. During this work they have shared with me how the criminals got in to their home, how they were treated during the invasion and what the criminals were after. I have collected this information from hundreds of families. This is invaluable information because it shows me what the current trends are, what sort of targets the criminals are looking for, and what it is that makes people vulnerable, in their homes, to criminals.
Your home should be a safe haven for you and your family. The truth is, wherever in the world you stay, there is danger, and one must put measures in place to ensure that ones family is safe. In some areas people must be prepared against earthquakes, in others hurricanes. Some areas have tornados, others tsunamis. In South Africa we have crime. The protection of your home against criminals has everything to do with lines of defence. These, if done correctly, will not only present a physical barrier to criminals, but will also make your home an unattractive target to them. Your lines of defence include physical barriers, technological barriers and safe behavioural patterns. Lines of defence should ideally start outside the boundary of your property. An example would be good street lighting and the absence of heavy growth on your verge, especially around your main gate, where criminals can hide.
Your behavioural patterns when arriving home, or leaving, are critical to enjoying safety at home. Your awareness levels should be very high and distractions like the car radio and being on phone calls should be avoided at all costs.