Short Talks
As a Stress and Trauma Consultant I have worked with the victims of crime for over a decade, and am a crime prevention consultant to many foreign embassies and multi-national companies. As such I have come to understand that most people who become victims of crime, do so because they lack crime prevention knowledge.
To address this lack of knowledge I have prepared a series of 1-hour talks that contain invaluable information on preventing the most common crimes in South Africa. The information is relevant, current, practical and contains audio-visual components that bring clarity to the topics. The duration allows for the talks to be included on agendas of staff meetings and board meetings.
When one considers the profoundly negative effect of a crime experience on the productivity of a person, and their colleagues, it becomes a very worthwhile investment.
Topics include:

General Crime Prevention Tips

Preventing Hijackings and Smash-and-Grabs

How to get yourself and your children safely out of a vehicle during a hijacking

How to protect yourself against a physical attack

Preventing crime in and around your home

How to react during a business robbery so that no one gets hurt

Airport safe practices for international travellers (with emphasis on OR Thambo International airport security risks)

Cost of 1-hour talks - R2,850 per group.

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