Emotional Trauma is something that you experience after a significantly distressing event or a series of lesser stressful events. You are said to be traumatised when the experience/s leave you feeling so overwhelmed that you are unable to cope with normal life functions, leaving you feeling paralysed.
Trauma can set in quite soon after a very distressing event. The common sequence of events is that you have a significantly distressing experience such as a natural disaster, crime or accident. During the experience your body goes into survival mode, commonly referred to as fight, flight or freeze mode. After the experience the body would normally recover after a few days with no after effects, but, if the experience is particularly bad, many people don’t recover like they should, and after a short while develop something called Acute Stress Disorder. A person with acute stress disorder may feel emotionally numb, feel detached from their body and battle to recall details of their experience. If the person receives no assistance at this point they can develop Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.
As mentioned before, this can also happen where the person experiences regular distressing events.
It is very important that you receive trauma counselling, if you have had a traumatic experience, to prevent the development of acute stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder.

How can you determine whether you suffer from emotional trauma? If you have had a very traumatic experience in your life, or regularly experience very distressing situations, and you are experiencing any of the conditions listed below, them you should seek help.

Feelings of hopelessness
Physical aches and pains unrelated to injuries
Concentration problems
Low self-esteem
Relationship problems
Substance abuse
Suicidal thoughts
Feeling detached from your body
Inability to carry out your normal routines
Feelings of insecurity
Panic attacks

Do you need Trauma Counselling?
Getting the right kind of help after experiencing a traumatic event is very important to ones mental and emotional well-being.
I have worked with the victims of traumatic events for many years. My cases have included rape, attempted suicides and families of suicides, armed robberies, abuse, death of a loved one, hijackings, home invasions and financial loss.
Most of my cases come from companies who pay me to assist their staff members so that they can return to full productivity as soon as possible. I do however see private clients as well. It is important to note that medical aids do not pay for my services.
The cost per hour, or part thereof, is R850.00. This includes travel to you in the greater Johannesburg area.
Contact me directly to arrange trauma counselling.