Professional Online Training and Trauma Counselling

Koos has spent years helping people regain their self-confidence after challenging, and sometimes traumatising, life experiences. His ability to share knowledge effectively makes him a master teacher/trainer. He has an Advanced International Stress Consultancy Diploma, a Psychological First Aid Certificate from Johns Hopkins University, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioners Qualification and Hypnotherapy Certification Course through the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology in the United Kingdom ....................

Why choose online training and trauma counselling.


Apart from the risks around Covid-19, there are a number of significant benefits to choosing  online Training and trauma counselling. These include the following:

- Because technology allows remote audio and visual communcation globally, regardless of where the communicating parties are, it is no longer necessary to travel away from ones home base, saving a lot of time and money.

- The fact that travel is eliminated, the risk involved is eliminated.

- Delegates don't have to get together at a venue as they can log into the talk/training remotely.

- Trauma counselling can still be done face-to-face allowing the counsellor and client to have the full experience even if they are a great distance apart.

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Sometimes we find ourselves heading in a direction we never intended and that is unacceptable to us. This can cause high levels of stress, break down our self-esteem, and affect our ability to be successful in our relationships and careers. Structured and outcome-based coaching can help us to regain our confidence and develop a life enriching strategy.

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