Crime Prevention Advisory Articles


Crime Prevention Advisory Articles are information pieces with content that is client specific. Companies normally purchase Advisory Articles from professionals in the relevant field to include in in-house publications or for circulation to staff, but they can also be purchased to be included in external company publications. The client selects the topic and most relevant content in consultation with the professional. Consideration is given to the desired outcome, the most suitable length of the article, and any deadlines applicable.

Crime Prevention Advisory Article Extract


Some topics clients have requested articles on include:

Leaving and arriving home safely

Tips for child safety in public places

How to draw money safely at ATMs

Credit card safety

How to avoid smash-and-grab criminals

How to avoid car hijackings

How to react during a business armed robbery

How to react during a home invasion

Home security tips

Cost of Crime Prevention Advisory Article


Articles cost ZAR 5,500. This price includes any necessary research, writing the draft and final editing.


How to order articles


Send an email to me at Include the following in your email:


  1. The topic you would like covered.
  2. Approximate number of words, if important.
  3. Relevant deadlines.
  4. Any special focus points to be included.

[Articles over 550 words may attract a surcharge]