You do not have to be a victim of crime!!


Criminals look for vulnearability in their victims. The Crime Prevention Talks teach you how not to be, or even look, vulnerable, and how to make yourself a very unattractive target to criminals.

Crime prevention talks that make sense


Make no mistake, the world is a challenging place. Sadly the greatest risk to us, our loved ones, and our belongings, often comes from other people. Crime is a mega-business around the world, and is often the only way that the poverty stricken can put food on the table.


Whatever a person's motivation is for commiting crimes against us, it is our human right to protect ourselves, and it is our responsibility to educate ourselves on how to avoid becoming victims of crime.


The content of the talks are carefully selected to be current, easy to understand, and relevant to the groups being addressed, and are rich in high quality audio-visual material to make the topic easy to relate to and easy to understand.

Country Specific Training for South Africa


South Africa is a beautiful country with the most amazing scenery, fauna and flora. Sadly it has become a mecca for criminals who will target anything of value, and will do so in a very calculated and determined way.


The most common crimes are:

  • Carjackings
  • Smash-and-grabs from vehicles
  • Home invasions
  • Theft of valuables in public places
  • Armed robberies on filling station forecourts
  • Theft at bank ATMs


The talks address the crime risks in South Africa, and teaches people how to avoid becoming victims of crime.


One of the main objectives of the talks is to create confidence in those who live in the country,  those who will be visiting the country, those who are relocating there, and residents who are returning.


Topics include but are not limited to:


  • Carjacking and Smash-and-Grab Prevention
  • Crime Prevention in and around the Home
  • General Crime Prevention
  • Preventing Crimes against Children
  • Personal Safety while Travelling Abroad
  • General principles for dealing with Abductions and Kidnappings

Client Centric Content

Clients can select a mix of topics from the above list, to be condensed into one talk. This will obviously reduce the amount of content for each topic. Clients can also request additional content to be added in that isn't included in the set content. The requested content will be thoroughly researched and selected to ensure that it is current and relevent to the clients needs.


The cost of a 60-minute talk is ZAR 7,500. Should the amount of content require a talk longer than 60-minutes, an additional fee of ZAR 1,550 will be charged per hour or part thereof.