South Africa is a beautiful country that many find appealing to live in, to do business in, and to visit as tourists. As with other parts of the world, there are risks associated with living, working, or holidaying there. These risks shouldn’t be a reason not to travel to South Africa. With the right knowledge you can enjoy a safe arrival, stay and departure. My 60-minute online Security Briefing for South Africa gives you this knowledge. It is filled with confidence boosting information that is relevant, current, and practical.

I have provide security briefings to companies and individuals for over 10 years. Because I provide trauma counselling to victims of crime and other traumatising experiences I am able to present the briefing in a way that inspires confidence rather than create paranoia.


The briefings include the most common crime risks in South Africa, and how to avoid becoming a victim of them. The information is carefully selected to cover the areas in South Africa you will visit, how you will arrive and leave the country, and other information and tips to ensure your safety and security during your stay.


The cost of the briefing is ZAR 5,500 for up to 4 people plus R1000 for every additional person up to a maximum of 10 people.